gradually fade in interior in building


I’m sorry for asking b/c I’m sure someone has asked this before, but I couldnt find a solution.

I have a building with an interior that I fly through with the camera. I would like to get the interior get faded in with a gradient effect into the building while the camera is inside. So at first the inside of the building is empty as the camera progresses the interior (all seperate objects) gradually fades in.

Any ideas or tips?

Thanks, Twan

What you’re describing is “mist”…

First, go into EDIT(F9) panels, and hit show “limits” on the camera.
This gives you visualisation of the a line showing clipping distance range (how far the camera can see), which are changed in Clipping “start” and “end” in same panel. There is a DoF (Depth of Focus) attribute which is useful of you can use nodes and want to make blurry in-and-out-of focus effects.

…but these don’t actually change the mist values. To find these, go into the world settings, under SHADING(F5) and then the far right “world” icon. You should see a button to enable “mist”, which then has “start” for how far away from camera things begin to fade, and then “distance” for how long before the image is completely misted out.

Mist fades to become your environment / world colour.

Hope that was clear enough. Settings are kind of in two places. Attached example to play with.


mist.blend (45.1 KB)

i think you’re looking to change material alpha ipo

  1. give the object a material
  2. split screen and open up ipo window
  3. change the Ipo type to “Material”
  4. (make sure that you are on the frame that you want the fading in to begin) hover mouse over the material tab and hit “I” as in “Ice” and select "Alpha
  5. go to the frame that you want the object to be completely faded in
  6. repeat step 4 (disregard the parentheses in step 4 when repeating)
  7. go into the ipo window and select the newly created strand
  8. hit tab to edit the ipo and select the first keyframe and drag it down along the y-axis to 0

now render the animation and the object should fade in

I wonder how Kathman is getting on?

The attached .blend file shows the mist effect I described earlier applied to a flythrough. Use ALT+A (with glsl) or render as ANIM for the animation.

Changing the colour of the mist alters the general effect.


mist_tunnel01.blend (54.4 KB)