gradualy speen increas/decrease & break

i want to make a plane game but i want to know how i can make it go faster and faster and faster, not just edit the location and it goes at that speed the whole time, but so it changes up till a full speed.

and how to i make it break but not imedialtely, also slowly but not too slow.


Oh, one more thing, in the begining i want a choise of planes to be before u, so u can press left or right to pick and enter then to start the game.

i looked all these things up on google, didnt work

Use the “Force” values in the motion actuator instead of DLoc. “Force” will allow your object to slowly speed up and slow down.


ty but how do i make it stop after a point?

You could set up a simple python script

own = cont.getOwner()

pressup = cont.getSensor("up")
pressdown = cont.getSensor("down")

print dir(cont)

move = cont.getActuator("move")
speed = move.getDLoc()[1]
if pressup. isPositive():
    own.go = 1
elif pressdown. isPositive():
    own.go = 0
if own.go == 1:
    speed = speed + 0.001
    move.setDLoc(0.0, speed, 0.0, 1)

    speed = 0
    move.setDLoc(0.0, speed, 0.0, 1)

This is not my script. It was in a tutorial somewhere…

There is a example of a car at in the physics test downloads for 2.43, I think its that one…

It a cool car to play with… When it starts the front comes up and when it stops the front drops down and the back moves up…

Take it apart and see what you see. I was going to do that today, but got side tracked on something different.

um…where am i supposed to type that? lol
download “cabriolet” :wink: ititrx was talking about.

ok, u guys are confushing the hell outta me, ill make the game then come back to u ppls

Click on the link there, or here:

Unzip and click on the vehicle3_Steering fix.blend

When it opens, expand the window with camera in it (mouse over that window and press space shift)

press the 0 on the numpad and press play. What you see in the window will surprise you after you press play. Its not a box.

Hey Turin, you and i read the same tutorial…hasn’t everybody? Well, except for DanielSDZ…