Graduated learning, mesh modeling

i was wondering if someone could point me in the direction of a set of tutorials, but not just make a disc brake, make a tree, etc. I was hoping i could get something a little more linear, from simple to complex. I guess it would be kind of like schooling. i.e. learn a function, theorize, apply. I hope this stuff exists on the net, and is free :smiley:

Yup they exist. You just need to find them :slight_smile:

You need to know the basic blender commands and hotkeys to get through this. All he shows is how to model, not what button does what kinda of thing. If you have that down this is a great tutorial. In 5 parts so he is detailed about everything. Hope it helps!

Hi xJOZx

This link is for a Auckland University tutorial based on Blender 2.41 so its a bit old but all the basics should be there. Otherwise has great info on getting started.

Good luck happy Blending