Graffiti textures

(olaf) #1

Need some nice Graffiti’s?

All textures saved in PNG-Format with Alphachannel, enjoy.
More textures in the future, stay tuned…

Bye, Olaf.

(Timonides) #2

Hello olaf… :smiley:

Excellent work man…

In fact I think that I needed such textures somewhere… :wink:

Keep on doing your excellent work…


p.s.: Does stay tuned mean that we should epect more surprises from you soon??? :wink:

(acasto) #3

I’m considering just chopping off my hand and getting a PS/2 and USB port put in.

(acasto) #4

Oh crap!

Sorry… wrong thread.

(OTO) #5

Hello olaf
Nice textures!
Can i put them in my games??

(strobesk8) #6

Hey man those textures are just what i need for my game i’m making. I’m making a skateboarding game. Is The Grafitti Just Pictures You Edit Or Are U Actually A Grafitti Artist?. Anyway Is It Alright If I Use Them In My Game And I’ll Give U Some Props In The End Of It. Later

(olaf) #7

@strobesk8 and OTO:

that’s why I put them on my page, feel free to use the textures for your projects.

see ya, Olaf.