Grafic Problems with new PC, need help, please

Hello everyone,

i need some technical help with Blender. I work with blender since two years now. I use it on a tower PC, and there are no Problems. I also used it on an old notebook, an there wasn´t any problem, too. But because this old NB was slow, i bought a new one today and now ther is a problem. When i start up blender, and start doing anything, like rotate or move the 3D view, or i select a menu there are light green lines in unusual parts of my screen. But this only in the Blender Window. I dont know what i can do anymore. This Problem occurs only in Blender, every other Program runs just fine.
Now i hope that someone of you is able to help me to get loose of this problem.

Thanks alot.

Regards Itschab

PS: Sorry for my bad english

First thing to do with a new PC is to update to latest graphics card drivers.

Also tell us specs of the machine and show us what you see