grafitti pot (incomplete, some sugerences)

sorry for my bad english, but i need some suggerencees for my blend project…can u help me? :o

… im new in the forum and the image is in facebook :S right click in the image and go at facebook

we would probably need a link to that Facebook page to help…its quite easy to upload an image,

Just click on the instert image button and upload it :smiley:

Interesting and nice reflections. You should take a look at other spray cans though for a reference to what they look like.

That will help you add a few more details as well.

hummm… I’ll try to do better the superior part… oK, thanks :wink:

well, 10 minutes after…

well, 10 minutes after… new project…
and a little correction…

a little correction…

looks more like a spray can now :), …was that smoke sim you used for the spray? It looked really cool…good work :smiley:

well, the smoke I’ve used it’s a random selection done by me… and that’s the result :smiley:
that’s another image :wink:

the smoke it’s the same as the old project

Should look nice as an animation using smoke simulation, dynamic paint and wetmaps. Or is it completely and utterly impossible?