Grafitti Tribute to Ton....

(0ptikz) #1

The dude probably needs a bit of work, but I’m sure you’ll get the sentiment :stuck_out_tongue:

(BgDM) #2

Absolutley beautiful work! My sentiments exactly.


(rogerm3d) #3

Really cool. But the dudes stance makes him look like in those cowboy
movies where hes about to draw his gun. Make it so his legs arnt so
seperated i guess.
change it to more of:
| |

(blengine) #4

ton is the king… this is a wonderful peice [email protected]… i think that guy is all too emotional, hes got a great stance that to me says so much… like hes been weakened but will alwasy be strong… this actually sent a chill thruogh me when i looked at it, and literally made my eyes watery… =’)
without blender, sheesh, i wouldnt have been able to vent my emotions and have soo much time to myself to think… i love blender, Ton, we all love u man!thanks [email protected] for sharin this coolness =)

(Kappa) #5

its reall well put together…

I’ve just been playn round wit graffiti on blender n i think it has great capabilities… someone put up a graffiti post couple days ago n i was asstonished as how well it came together… Graffiti is an incredible art form n its tight to see it in peoples work.

(S68) #6

Great image!


(gundamf91) #7

contribution to Ton…u sure he will get it?