Grainy/Noisy Gradient

I’m fascinated by this grainy/noisy gradient style, so i Googled around and found this graphic design question on stackexchange


I’m wondering how can I get a similar style in blender by using materials or shadow/lighting tricks, it seems more involved than just slapping a noise node on a gradient node

Mix RGB on the basis of gradient output is greater than white noise output.

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Thank you <3 is there a way to control the size of the grain?

As shown, this is the smallest grain possible. The grain is actually from the sample count. If you were to use infinite samples, no grain would be apparent.

If you want it perceptually smaller, you can use a noise texture instead of a white noise texture, scaled to eye, which will give you more continuous random values that won’t be perceptually so grainy.

You could also just mix your grainy gradient with a smooth gradient. Say, half-and-half.

If you want it more grainy, you can “step” the coordinates going to the white noise:

Separate XYZ, then for each channel, multiply by a number, then math/round (or ceil, or floor). Then combineXYZ. The larger the number you multiply in, the smaller the grain.