Grainy plastic material in Blender Internal

Hi, I was making a grainy plastic material for my rifle and I’m not so much pleased with the results, it looks kinda dirty. Take a look for yourself.

Is there anything I can do to improve it? I’ve included the material, render and world settings in this file. And please, don’t bring up cycles, I don’t use it. It’s too slow.

This is a raw render of your file:

The bump is too strong, imho. But your model also has unapplied scale… Just doing a Ctrl-A > Scale led to this:

Some of the “dirt” in your scene is from an unsufficient number of samples for the environment light. After increasing those to 16, I got this:

Thanks man, that fixed the issue a lot. This cleansed the model a lot and also added some life or should I say some “light” to it, ahahaahaha… ok, i’ll stop now