Granade and Bullets Logo

Here a logo i made for use in Videos.
Rendered at 4000 Samples with cycles.
Special thanks to Andrew Price from Blenderguru for the great tutorial on making a grenade.

well the grendade isnt too realistic, it looks like stone and needs some more detail, and the bullets have a voronoi-looking texture that looks strange to me… but i guess it depends on what you are going to use it for. the bullets are nicely modeld :slight_smile:

Hey thanks, I’ve never seen a real grenade, so it’s a bit hard to get it realistic.
The voroni like look of the bullets comes from the tileed texture i used for normal map.
All in all it was a 1 afternoon project :smiley:

Dr. Console

heres one i just found by googling grenade:

but there are many different types, and some actually look similar to yours. just google grenade and look at images. hopefully that helps :slight_smile: