I’ve just finished this simple work.

Im doing a thing with a grenade too, though i had a few problems extruding the shape.

Got any tips or pointers?

I did this tutorial the other day, for a quick image

It is for a football but I think that it could you could apply the techniques to modelling a grenade.

I do the grenade body easy way. I’ve done one part of the body using plane , add 3 loops and use Shift + E - extrude individual. I add array modifier with 8 counts and I’ve something like chocolate. Afther that I add curve - beizier curve and for grenade body another modifier - curve. In object pole I select my curve and the every parts of my chocolate were around the curve. In that moment You have to experiment with the modifier options and size of curve and the form of the chocolate part. At the time I can’t send images which can help but if it is not clear I will do that in evening.
Good luck!

I like it, simple but effective. Personally I’d like to see a bit of dirt on there, it feels a bit too sterile for the military at the moment but maybe that’s what you were going for? I think if you add some dirt to the background, maybe chip some of the paint off the grenade and scratch up the pin and handles you’d be on to a winner :smiley:

Good job anyway, keep it up :slight_smile:

Aw, yeah, i completely forgot i could model one segment! Duh

I think it would be even more elegant and fast if you would model one segment and then spin-duplicate it, eliminates the curve-modifier step.

Thanks man!