Grand piano(mini update oct 24rd)
:smiley: update below

Great modelling on the piano, now needs textures on the floor. I’d go with hardwood flooring. Shiny, too.

looks good, except i can see some artifacts on the window frame.

Good image :slight_smile: but put texture of Stone floor or parquet on the floor , and painting on walls may be a good idea :slight_smile: .
The piano is a great modeling, bravo :smiley:

I feel like the tonal-range of the image is a bit too compressed. It seems washed-out. However it looks better in the small size than large, so it partly depends upon the final size in which you intend to use the image. And if you intend to overlay advertising or poster text over it…

Lighting could use a little improving and bad artifacting, but nice anyway.

In addition to what’s been said above…

  • great design (grand design ? ;)) for the piano, but if you look closely at the window side of the keyboard, there are a few ragged edges there. You might want to subsurf it more.

  • have you used mist ? As sundialsvc4 said, it looks washed out, esp. the bottom parts.

  • finally I don’t know whether it’s a matter of texture or lighting, but the piano and the bench seem to float above the floor.

It’s really very close to being an excellent image.

little update
thank you for the replies

Excellent modeling! Only problems I have are with the “covering” (not sure what it’s technically called) and the lettering (“Yamaha”).

The yellow parts of the covering seem really odd. I don’t know if they’re rogue reflections or something intentional, but they’re really unsettling.

In your first render, the lettering seemed to be floating. In your most recent render, the reflections seem to be obscuring it. Also, they don’t seem to have any thickness. My piano’s lettering is actually etched into it. Try it, see if it looks good. If it doesn’t look good, you should decrease the reflectiveness of the letters.

You might also want to put strings into the piano ;). Good luck!

do you mean hidges on the lid :expressionless:

will fix “yahmaha” and hinges

will be using stone later

its not mist its a spot light with halo :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, this is something I only noticed when you opened the top, but are there not supposed to be strings, hammers and such in the piano? Or did you just not put them in yet (wip after all…)

some parts are overexaggerated and to big and clumsy, some refs could do…
overall: so so. :smiley:

2 more updates like the last and it will be my wallpaper :smiley: but not now :smiley:


yep, i see that a lot in 3d pictures that go for that realistic look, most of the time the models look like miniatures for some reason, i have no idea how to fix that but hey maybe you were going for that look i still think your picture looks pretty darn good. 8)

Yeah ! Good :slight_smile: Maybe the chair look better if the fabrics will be red, and the piano haven’t cords. Behind the window ® , it appear …nothing :smiley:

You tend to the final image :slight_smile: