Grand Piano Tutorial

(Zainab ) #1

Hello Everyone,
I am new here. I have to submit a grand piano till tomorrow… I have recently started learning 3d game art using blender like a week ago, only, and it was my weekend project to complete a grand piano. As i am a newbie so i am not familiar with a lot of things. I have searched for tutorials on YouTube to make a grand piano but none of them is good enough to “show keys”. For a newbie like me, without keys making this big project is actually a big deal. I am looking forward to anyone who could help me with a good link to a step by step tutorial video or document file which could help me make it till tomorrow.
(i don’t need any add-ons for now i want to make it by myself in order to learn)
Thanking all in advance.

(yogyog) #2

Creating a grand piano can be as challenging as you want it to be. At it’s simplest, you can make it shut, at the most complex, you can rig each hammer and each string… and more, you can make sure the vibration of each string is accurate. Anyhow - start with either the case or the keyboard. Pay attention to measurements. See if you can find a bluebrint or diagram.