Grand space opera challenge at CGtalk. Imminent Cataclysm

This is my entry for the grand space opera at cgtalk. I think it turned out pretty good. I might be the only one in the contest using blender. Some other elysiun members started but when I looked at their threads it doesnt look like anyone finished but me :frowning: . Oh well wish me luck and here it is.


The lasers in the background look a little fat, and it looks to me it could be a little darker ano/or colored with more variation in light intensity. Since this is a CGtalk challenge you’ll have a lot of competition with people with high end software.

Not sure if you’re still wanting crits at this stage but here goes…

Overall nice job, it’s a piece with a sense of scale to it, and has the right feel for the topic. A few things could be improved however:

Lighting is ok but too bright and uniform. Textures are a little plain, and the sky background needs to be higher res. There are some great sky textures here at elysiun, search the forums. I seem to remember madcow making some, but don’t quote me on that.

Ships in sky are too uniform in positions, need to be rotated so they’re different to each other. They’re also too close, pilots would crash if they flew so close together.

Nice effect in foreground but the angle makes it hard to see any sense of direction.

Yeah if I had more time I would redo the whole lighting set up.


I like it over-all. If you’re still working on it, maybe reduce the ambient lighting to give more contrast to the picture for a start, darker shadows.

Not quite the only Blender user, maybe the only one that finished, I don’t know. I wish some of the good people on here had been in on it! If you’ve seen my posting, you know I didn’t quite get it done in time but kept working. (I’d like to keep going actually, if I could get blender to work with this video card :-? )

Some depth of field or misting on the buildings would make the ship stand out better, make the buildings look farther away. As said, randomize the background ships, look like cutouts as they are now. Some rougher textures would help too. The buildings are too clean. If that’s water at the bottom, needs to reflect the sky more and be rougher for the time of day too.