Grand Theft Auto 5

What a game! I can’t help but admire the game from a technical point of view. So here are some random observations that I noticed while playing:

GTA5’s map is huge! Artistically it’s stunning.
…Although I can see it being limited by this generation’s console (aggressive LOD and slow loading)

The way characters pause and resume their speech when a louder noise interrupts them is very nice.

The animations and human+object interactions are incredible. The Euphoria engine is doing a good job.

The quality and quantity of references and parodies in the game is staggering.

So what’s your experience with the game?

Don’t have it yet – waiting for the PC version.

I haven’t played it yet meself. But I was watching this reviewers comment on the game that they was waiting for a game of this incredibility stuff when they was young. Meself, I is not that much into games 3d like and such, so the amazing games of last year and such kind of went over us. But I is always interested in the newer consoles as they come. We thinks the next few years will be cool too.

Not having played a GTA since the first one(yes, THAT long ago) I decided to shell out £45 for a copy.

Never again.

Despite the lengthy 8gb install on the PS3 version, I honestly tried to give it a fair chance, but kept having to take part in annoying car races. I know driving is a big part of the game, but it felt like Fast’n’Furious than Michael Mann’s Heat. Also, the humour of the game is a bit annoying. Its like a teenager who has watched Scar face for the first time and tries to pretend they are Al Pacino…in your face.

All my friends love this game, but it simply wasn’t for me. I think I might have been better off with Red Dead Redemption instead as I prefer a good western to glamorous crime, but once again I’ve learnt the hard way not to buy a game for more than £30.

Interesting point about the races… I didn’t get to see much of that at all, but I was eager to finish the main story missions.

Well, when I was playing you do the race with Lemar after meeting Michael on the bench, then the tow truck bit with that woman and then there’s that race with six cars straight after. I was hoping to just ignore those bits but the game seems to lock you into doing them until you complete them. I must be doing something wrong…