Hi everyone. its been a while since I posted a work here, because I haven’t embarked on any serious project for a while.

I have been experimenting with a style of art that is quite alien to me, and I would appreciate your honest opinion.

This project is nicknamed GRANDDAD, and the intent is to create less realistic figures with humorous features and proportions, with emphases on facial expressions. So tell me, how am i doing?



i belive you have just made MAHATMAGANDU from india lol looks like him good job

It’s looking great so far. As ZombieJohn commented on one of my recent projects of similar nature:
“Cartooning is simplification, and, in the words of John K, ‘removing anything that isn’t fun’.”

Looking good so far.
Just a few things…

  • That green background hurts my eyes!

  • His sweater texture looks like it is actually a carpet texture.

  • His hair looks the same as his sweater.

the glasses and eyebrow bone look a bit off

the bone looks like it is moving downwards in my opinion (the picture with the winking)