Granite Stone

Chunk of granite stone

So… I’ve challenged myself to make a detailed “rock”. I choose granite, and I know there’s boat loads of granite, but… here in the northeastern united states (where i live), there tends to be the mottled gray (some may argue there’s a tint of blue to the grey) type… So you know what I was trying to get at.

General process of creating given model:

  1. Create and subdivide cube, generally get the shape i’m looking for
  2. Apply subsurf modifier, tweak control mesh.
  3. Create distored noise texture (/color band for texture), map to col, map to nor
  4. Create another texture, marble, map not to col but to disp and turn down disp property to .05

The main thing I’m dissatisfied with is… The marble texture mapped as a displacement gives me some variation on the surface, but… I want some spots to have more defined rough spots… As if the stone has been broken, crushed underneath the weight of a glacier.

Also, it looks to random with the displacement map… Think there’s a better way to “design” the intricate surface details, maybe model them in, or draw my own image to use as a displacement map. I really seem to be hitting a wall when it comes to having smooth and rough spots on a subsurf’d model.

Also… As much as I turn up the “hard” value of my material, there’s still some shiny parts as if the stone has been polished. I’d prefer that there was the look of a thin layer of dust/dirt over the stone almost, to give it the look of a rock outdoors that’s been exposed to the elements.

Although this is more or less an excersize… Don’t hold back on the crits… I’m just trying to “level up” my blender knowledge / 3d modelling skill. Any crits / ideas / techniques / links / etc appreciated! Thanks!

Looks good exept for the bottom where it looks rounded in some of the indents.