Granmother's Table

Hey there.
This image is job I did for a kind of cupcake shop here in Brazil, but the client used another image in the end. The brute render was made in Blender, and the post processing was made in Photoshop. It is important to give the credit too to the Andrews Price’s Bread.

***About the Design Process:

Before anything, I used a grid system to know the overall look of the image. The real purpose of the job was to create a Facebook cover for the shop. The idea was to make a “grandmother’s table” (Its very usual here in Brazil when visit your grandma she puts the table with the best “grandma food”) with a coffee, sweets and tasty stuff, all in a Brazilian look (besides the fact that cupcakes are not common in Brazil, they asked for them in the image). So I took the dimension of the cover and adjusted my grid to it. Then I used basic shapes (cubes, spheres and so on) to make the distribution of the elements, and then I started the modelling. All the objects here are references from another scene. And, by the way, that fried “drop” there is a coxinha, a Brazilian food that you should try ASAP.

***Render & Post Processing:

Used cycles as the render and for this one, I left most of the hard-work for the post. I just made lots of passes and used them all to archive the look that I wanted too. Actually, I used the blender node editor first for the pre-post, then I used photoshop for the final part of the process.

That’s it Guys!
Feel free to expose your opinion.
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I like the colours and the mood.

beautiful,pleasing colour scheme suiting the subject.

Thank you Guys!
About the color scheme, as it was in the briefing, I had the idea of giving the grandma feeling, that is, for me, feel good and relaxed at the same time. I used this to compose the colors for the image.


Very subtle and delicate.

The cupcake paper could be better and is the weakest part of it.
If it was for a coffeeshop instead of a cupcakeshop I guess they would use it.

I hope the well deserved praise and admiration here is a small consolation for your work.


Thank You Cart!

Good Point about the paper. First I thought about make it thinner and maybe use some SSS in it, but for some reason let this go. And about the shop, it was briefed poorly. It was more or less like this: “Create a FB cover for this cup cake shop, and it MUST contain a cup of coffee and cupcakes. The piece must look tasty and comfortable.”
And I wasnt dealing direct with the client. In the end the client used a flat design vector image.

But, thank you anyway!