Grant R. Brown - Sketchbook

I’ve been learning blender for a month or so now, thought this would be a useful place to put notes, ideas, tutorial images etc.

Today I finished the blenderguru “Anvil” tutorial. I am pretty happy with this - I could have added chips and dents via normal mapping, but my main interest was in the modelling and texture painting for now. I realise now a lot of issues I had with UV mapping of older meshes were simply due to poor topology, so definitely something to look out for in future.

An older image for safekeeping. I like the painterly style here, reminds me of old oil paintings.

The mesh itself uses spider legs from a genus of Money spider, and the head of Walckenaeria acuminata. The abdomen and other sections are based generally on spiders and pycnogonids. The legs were rigged to allow posing.

The idea was for a stationary creature that lured organisms in via the “head” ornament, before dispatching them with one of the legs. The rotting prey would then be absorbed by the creature via the “egg” base. The egg itself is based on Drosophila egg cases with softbody deform.

More product type stuff here. Also started working with animations and mucking about with shaders.

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Procedural stone blocks:

To make, I used a 20x20x40cm cube and subsdivided to 600 faces. UV unwrap. I then added a displace modifier (global, 0.05) using a distorted noise (voronoi crackle, voronoi crackle, 10, 2, 0.1). Duplicating each block results in a new unique block. For smaller blocks I subdivided proportionally less and copied the material/modifiers across.

This scene has ca. 620 blocks, 277,000 faces in total and renders in less than 1min.

More furniture practice - “Kyle lounge Chair” this time.

The cushions could do with more pre-shaping before using the cloth simulation, but these are good enough for “quick” works.

Also mucked about with some shaders - have to say, I prefer the painted ones, especially the light blue one.