Grape Vine

I’m going for something a little different this time. This will hopefully be my background when its done.

I don’t know whether I should put in a background or maybe a wire mesh holding the vine up or not. I like the clean look it has right now.

I was going to add a wine glass but i wasn’t happy with how it looked. I’m going to add leaves next.

tell me what you think.

looks great ta meh!

I want to see deh mesh :3 peaze

here’s the mesh MagicMyshu, but theres not much to see.

Added some leaves.

good model…textures good use a little work imo…I think the grapes should be translucent and stuff…great mesh though

Looks good but I do think that the grapes should be a little translucent as Chirpsalot said above. But it would also be cool if there were droplets of water falling from the grapes. Good luck!

The colour of the leaves you added kind of clash with the colour of the vine… the leaves are a more realistic tone; you should either go down the “cartoony” approach or the realistic approach. Also, you might get an overall nicer colour balance with red grapes, although slightly lighter, SSS/translucent white grapes could also work, either would bring out the grapes from the vine.

[edit] also, are those maple leaves? they’re a bit too pointy… vine leaves are generally rounder on the inside, losing that distinctive maple leaf three-partedness