Grapes - SOLVED

hi friends
would you please help me to get the white overlay of grapes as actually seeing along with the translucence effect.
see some images i rendered . including the node editor.

thanks in advance.

a day lost trying to get the grape over lay . please help. still the result is negetive

again failed

can any one help me on this
any tutorial or WIKI ref:

Perhaps you may explain a little better what are you trying to do? From this:

get the white overlay of grapes as actually seeing along with the translucence effect

I can’t understand anything. What overlay? Over what? What does it have to do with translucence? Overall, what effect are you trying to achieve? The reason you aren’t getting any advice is first and foremost in you not taking the time to actually properly ask the question.

E.g. if it’s feasible, draw a quick pic in GIMP to illustrate what you’re trying to do.

Or show a photograph of what you are looking for. A node setup without knowing what the images you are trying to use doesn’t help either. I would also think that this would be better in one of the help and support threads.

Thank you very much for your reply

the picture below has some part of the grape is glossy and some part not. see marked area of the picture. i am using cycle. i am not understanding the nodes properly.

Materials used

create mask out of your white-red texture and plug it in factor slot in mix material and simply mix two bsdf materials you want this way

Oh, now things are clear. As kilbee suggested, you need a grayscale mask (black-and-white image) that will determine which parts of your grapes are glossy and which are not. You can indeed create one from your texture (i.e. using Photoshop or Gimp, or by converting your texture to black-and-white and playing with levels right inside Cycles). Or you can just generate some random mask, so that each grape looks a bit different.

Check the attached example .blend. The node setup is pretty simple: I use Noise texture to create mask. To give this noise some randomness, I add vertex positions with some random values (generated for each object), and use that as texture coordinates. Then the noise is passed through color ramp, with which I control the levels of the mask: how much black and how much white it has. I then plug it in as a mix factor for Mix Shader node, where top shader is actual color, and bottom is glossy. You can incorporate that into your shader. You can also view the actual mask if you plug in Emission shader output to Material Output.

EDIT: this is of course not the best way to generate something random. I just quickly made that up as an example, you can improve on that in many ways.

Now for the actual grape color, I wouldn’t use just translucent shader as you do. I’d also mix it with some diffuse. Think of it that way: the grapes are indeed translucent, but some of the light actually bounces off them too.


grape-mask.blend (536 KB)

hi thank you for it . that is nice idea. i am trying on it. hope we need to give up translucency at this moment.

thanks . its worked well.

Show us a render then! :slight_smile:

well i am trying to make more detailed texture. it may increase the quality. and also its blurred texture.

what i have a posting . one again thanks for your help.

Finally i did it.




Nice result, congrats!

Only thing you could make it better is using different textures to differentiate the grapes from each other.

good that you figured it out but the texture you use is too straight on the edges, it gives a square blocky effect on your models. try painting in a cloud texture to break up the sharp edges to something more natural

Nice result! Good job with the red translucency. It looks very realistic.

Really cool how this turned out in the end!

Progress : 1

Thash grape! (sneaky Skyrim reference). Very nice! Congrats on finally figuring it out!

Another trick to getting the texture to behave in Cycle sis to use Generated coordinate, and on texture node set it to ‘Box’ instead of ‘Flat’ and then increase the blending value to taste - maybe it could help.