Hi this is my first post here, and this is my first “food picture”, I hope it looks tasty! :-p
Shaders: Subsurface Scattering, reflection was used, combined with a dust shader in order to make the grape texture softer. I would have liked to blur the reflection, but that feature was not in CVS yet - but recently added with SVN.
Blender was used for modelling, lighting and rendering, The Gimp was used for post-production effects.

(The watermark is from CgTalk, because the picture url is directly linked with cgTalk forum)
If the picture is not visible:


WOW thats amazing

That looks very good. Something about the grapes doesn’t seem realistic.
If I figure it out, I’ll let you know. How do you make a dust shader though? :spin:

hm tasty, the grapes look great


Wow, incredibly impressive, can we see any material setups or blender screenies please?

Welcome to Blender Artists!

Using a build with glossy reflections on those grapes would make this one perfect! Because I think some of the grapes are just a tiny bit too reflective. But I’m just nit picking.
Again this is, AWESOME.


Nice success. :slight_smile:
Blender needs that.
Will you propose it to the official gallery?
It’s a sure hit.


I love the smell of gallery-work in the morning…errr evening. :yes:


awesome! very photoreal. looks like it couldve been rendered in Vray or something. any screenshots? material settings?

Man, get yourself a svn build at or somewhere. Your grapes are so close to being perfect, the soft reflections would most likely finish them completely.

The blurry reflections will finish the realism, it looks almost perfect, good job.

I think the grapes are a little too reflective (but then again, I’m hardly a Blender expert).
Blurry reflections would make this look very nice. :smiley:
This needs to go in the gallery for September!

The grapes are to close to each other. Other wise it looks great.

Wowza, really nice! The blur looks overdone(something I rarely say), but even so, looks extremely realistic!

Awesome, needless to say.

I don’t think the DOF is overdone. It looks exactly like what they do in food magazines/cookbooks.

I know this is a picture of cookies, but you get the idea:

So I say leave that part as it is.
5 stars.

it looks photo realistoc,a bit reflective,but very impressive


Thank you all for your comments, i’m glad you like it :o I totally agree about the blurry reflection, maybe i’ll re-render it. I’ve proposed the picture to the official gallery.

I’ll post material settings screenshots as soon as possible.

Ok so here are the material settings:
Grape mat (no texture)

Dust mat

Node setup

The grapes are to close to each other. Other wise it looks great.

I have to agree, although i’ve seen photos with very tight grapes.

Thanks for your replies!

Is that rendered in Blender Internal!!! O: I guess you used radiosity…