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Thanks to all for helping me to finish my work.


The grapes look awesome man but the green backgound…really? All that work and your sticking with the green? I dont mean to be harsh but if it was me I’d say you have the hard part done now put those dam grapes in a simple scene like a little elliptical white ceramic bowl on a table with a lot of DOF and a blurred background. You may need to add a little stem or with some clever camera angles you could still avoid the top portion of the grape clump where the stem is. Dont quit now make it a finished piece:)

Happy Blending

nicely done
and i agree about the background

Nicely done indeed! you should keep the file on hand, blender 2.77 will get SSS :smiley:

Thanks dear. I am working on it. I am using a lap. It may take some time.

I am really liking this. I think there should be some subsurface scattering involved

Dude. This is a phenomenal Render. Spend some time and make a background to fit it.

Seriously good texturing and lighting. Seriously bad background. This comes across more as a test render than a finished project. Would you hang this on your wall with that background?

this may be useful for you

where’s the background?!
I bet it would realistic if there’s some off focus scenery in the background. [put it in a plate :eyebrowlift: ]

hi friends : what you think about this one.

thanks for you comment.

The oranges feel just a little too bumpy but still a very striking render. The bold primary colors help to draw a lot of attention to this scene.

Great job, I like the final result :slight_smile:

Nice…i like how it is bright and colorful…maybe you just lose atention out off grapes with complete scene…but is much,much beter than green background…maybe to put one more piece of grapes on plate…
Altrough good work…Keep it up.
Hope you can understand my english.

Good thing you made a background now :slight_smile:

That`s good!
You added the background.
The table shader is not good though (add bump and spec map)
Other than that, its a great render!