This is the first render I upload, I’m still new here…

So, I made this proyect to try testing some organic materials, focusing on the grapes and leaves (with a lot of subsurf scattering, translucency and a bit of transparency), some drops with the glass material, and the tree… even with some fungus on the branches thanks to the particle system. All made with Cycles render. 500 samples.

Any critiques to help me improve the realism are more than welcome.

I almost forgot… here is a preview of the render:

No answers on this thread ? :o
That looks quite nice to me ! Good job ! Could you post a screenshot of your leaves and grapes materials please ? I’m very curious about this !

Well done !

it looks a bit blurry to me. might be the glow. other than that pretty impressive render

looks pretty good. Grapes are a bit blurry maybe try to focus on it a little more, increase the F-Stop distance. The materials look good but something seems off, maybe it’s the lighting, not sure, but it’s missing a finishing touch somewhere.

Haha thanks… they are quite a mess… but works fine to me I guess.

I used NRM, SPEC, and OCC textures trying to get the best result.

Btw… I saw your work, really amazing! to make it perfect I would add some subsurf scattering for more translucency.

Oh thanks ! Both for the nodes and the comment ^^
I agree with you, I need more training in SSS shading and stuff like that, that’s also why I was curious about your material :slight_smile: