Tried creating this guy! I would love to have feedback over it!
Blender Cycles and some post in Krita…


wounderfull, some water droplets would be a nice touch.

Great start, more sss and tranlucency.

Interesting, dynamic background, good work!

Great work, I love the lighting that shines through the grapes.

The kind of drops in the air on the left side are giving a natural feel.

To my personal opinion the drops in front of the grapes are distracting attention from the grapes. (To me it kind of looks like there are some reflections or a smudgy glass inbeteen.)

thanks for the reply peaps!
some water drops added and increased SSS Trsnslucency!with some more unspeakable tweaks!:wink:

thanks for noticing man! sure would give it attention!
next iteration would have less of it!

It looks really good at first sight, but I think, those berries are too dense. They should be more translucent and juicy.

@ Bananaboy! I accept it ! but I have lit it only from behind! and with some large number of berries blocking he light to the front ones! its receiving less light because of which the translucency is not pronounced enough! I know the translucency is the paramount thing! may be i Should delete those front ones!

These look really nice!

Wow! It looks much, much better now. It is perfect. Thumbs up from me!

Everything looks amazing except for I still think it looks a bit too solid-ish. Maybe some more tweeking of the sss will give you a better result. I should say this…suddenly I want to eat grapes right now !! :stuck_out_tongue: