Graph Editor: Box Select Options


Could someone please explain what the Axis Range , Include Handles , and Tweak options for Box Select do in the Graph Editor? There is no mention of them in the manual . I tried understanding from the tooltips, but they weren’t clear.

Axis Range
Tooltip: None
I found this in the NLA section: “Select NLA-strips by drawing a box. All NLA-strips that intersects the frames of the drawn box will be added to the current selection.” How’s this different than a regular Box Select?

Include Handles
Tooltip: “Are handles tested against the selected criteria”
I try checking and unchecking this option after a Box Select of keyframes and the handles stay selected.

Tooltip: “Operator has been activated using a Tweak event”
What is a Tweak event in the context of a Box Select? Aren’t they two different styles of selection?

Thank you!

For me those options seem broken or inactive both in 2.9 and 3.0.
Axis range seems clear from the description, but reacts random (sometimes it selects all nodes on the same frame, above and below the selected ones, which would make sense, but sometimes it selects nodes on the same “height” but on different times).
Handles as you wrote stay selected, no idea what Tweak means.

(I never noticed or used this checkbox before)

Thank you for the reply. Yes, bugs have been filed for these checkboxes.

Tweak still remains a mystery :joy: