Graph editor Generator modifier

Hello, so i have been playing around with the generator modifier with drivers. and i want to accomplish a certain affect and am having trouble.

what i want to do is make it so that the bones are all visible, but so when i move the bone i was moving in the video , would make it disappear when it gets close to it. basically i am looking for the opposite affect of what i have now. i think this has to do with the generator modifier set up (if i am incorrect, please tell me so i can make the title of this correct).
here is the blend file of what i was using in the video:
D bone layers - drivers tests.blend1 (467.6 KB)

Hey, you are correct about the driver modifier - you were almost there. So here is the deal, your animating ‘layer visibility’ which really only has one condition - on/off, or in this case False/True. 0 = False, 1 = True. So all you need to do is put ‘1.000’ in your ‘Y =’ box, you may have to switch your ‘X’ values around, ‘-1.000’ to ‘1.000’, but maybe not, you will only have to move ‘Bone’ on its designated axis to change visibility, that is because its either ‘0’ or ‘1’, there is nothing else.
Also, it does seem intuitive to use ‘Local’ space, but use ‘Transform’ space instead, it will update much better (Blender 2.7x)
Nice job on figuring this out though, a bit unconventional, but it works. :grin:

i just want to say, thank you so much! i honestly did not think anybody was going to answer my question. but it worked! i am currently applying this to my rig as we speak. thank you. :smiley:

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