[Graph Editor] How affect the trajectory of an object without affect his speed?

I have an object keyframed from point A to point B and i want it to make a precise curve between these two points.
To control the angle of the curve precisely i’m going in graph editor and play with my Y and X axis curves, but when i find the good angle it also affect his speed by making it “stop” at the end.
I want this same angle but with the object going constantly at the same speed, how can i do this ?

When i put it in “linear” interpolation it make the trajectory AND speed constant, and when i put “bezier” it make both of them unconstant (start & stop). How to separate the control ?

I hope it’s clear, let me know if u have any info or need precisions, thanks by advance!

I would make a Curve object which connects point A to point B and which you can edit precisely in edit mode. Then I would make the object follow the path of the Curve (frame duration for this can be set, iirc).

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Interesting option, but if i can find a way without going into these curve modifiers things that would be even better. My object is a car, having to rotate precisly, being at a precise trajectory and then suddenly brake etc… i take your option in mind

Thanks you for the gif, but now how would you make the object move in a same curve in the X axis while keeping the X speed constant ? it’s what i’m asking here

You have to play with the tangents. but if you need a constant velocity, as said before, Use a path constraint and play with the constraint position’s curve.

So there’s no way to fully handle the velocity of an object without affect his trajectory in keyframe normal animation ? I don’t see why and it would be way more usefull to can separate both speed & trajectory controls i think since they are not necessarly interdependents.

So if it’s the only i’ll go for this option, thanks for the precisions