Graph editor: modify all scale axes together (as a group)


I’m animating the scale of an object and trying to modify the animation curves. The scaling is uniform (all axis together) so I need to modify the curve of each axis the same way. I saw there was a grouping function in the graph editor so I grouped my x,y and z. However I can’t find a way to modify them as a group. Blender seems to force me to select just one of the curves.

How can I make sure each animation curve is modified the exact same amount?

You can make visible the curve you want to edit, or lock not want to edit the curve. And then press the B key points you want to edit all marquee for editing.I do not know this is not what you want,sorry my bad english

Hi! Thank you very much for your reply!

What you are saying works partially. What happens is that I can indeed box select several keyframes and move them all together. This is already pretty nice. BUT what I’m trying to modify from the curve is actually a handle, not keyframe. And box-select doesn’t seem to select handles at all. So I can only edit one handle at a time --> very inaccurate. I also tried to copy paste the data of one channel to another channel, but the results were weird…

maybe use R and S to edit keyframe handles or edit one curve and then paste on others -but press F6 and set type to overwrite-

Hi!Try ctrl + b, direct marquee handle position, although the feeling in front of the air operation, but you can achieve the results you want!:smiley:

netzhang79, direct marquee did indeed do the trick! Never heard of that function before! Thanks!

Liero, I’m not sure if I understood you directions. I didn’t see any “overwrite” option when I pressed F6.