Graph Editor Repeat With Offset Doesn't Work

I am attempting to follow a tutorial here: At 18:28 into the tutorial he goes to the Graph Editor on the Forward Movement action, and after making the channel Linear and Cyclic, he chooses Repeat With Offset in the Graph Editors Properties Panel. I had to choose Modifiers to find the Cycles options. But when I choose Repeat with Offset, nothing happens to the graph. The effect should make the character move forward in the time line and not return to the beginning after one cycle. (Method to prevent slippage in walk animation.) I was finally able to get the offset to work a couple of days ago, but I can’t get it to work now. Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong?

From the tutorial:

This is what I get:

Blend File:

Your character walks along the Y axis, and you seem to have set “Repeat With offset” on the X axis. You configure “Repeat With offset” in the Y axis modifier, selecting Y location in Graph Editor left panel.

Thanks a lot. I thought the eyeball icon did that. I had to un-hi-light the x and z axes. I was wondering why that bar under Display Color was red.