GraphAll Blender version vs release?

Lookin at this atm…

says it’s 2.75.4, as far as I can tell that .4 = better especially since I don’t see that in the standard release I’m currently using 2.75b but I don’t know how they’re different :confused:

Could somebody clarify and tell me which would be better to use?

Also when I run Blender from the Unzipped 2.75.4 folder it loads it up and I clearly see the .4 in the menu bar, but it keeps all my addons/preference which surprised me. What’s going on here?

graphicall use to be much more important before blender had their own buildbot system in place… it was the place to get the latest and greatest builds… now with, we tend to get our up to date builds from there.

The difference between the version you downloaded and 2.75b… is that it has (probably, havent looked into the build that you got too much) all of the upcoming 2.76 fixes / features… the trade off is that it may be a little more unstable then 2.75b. and graphicall also is a little more unstable then the normal build bot due to builders putting their own optimizations / patches into blender.

The reason why you dont have to transfer any of the addons / preferences is because it still is using the 2.75 prefs… you will only have to do that once per version change.

Much obliged!