Graphic art work in gimp and my paint

I am playing with making artwork and would like some feedback! I am working on a major film project for which information is available at


This is the rest.


To be perfectly honest, the images seem rather random to me. There is no major theme, at best red = blood = violence etc etc. When you draw, have something in mind - you will achieve this if you are better than micheal angelo (who isn’t these days ?) and hopefully a sizeable percentage of your idea will be committed to the audience.

CHEWS - you are better off hitting your study books instead of talking the talk, and not walking away.

All the best!

The top set do have themes and I did know what I was going for though yes they are abstract. Also the trajectory one, though old was also planned.

Thank you for the feedback though I will read more into it!

This is a bit of artwork called “lifes dangerous path.” It is artwork for trajectory meant to show the fear life sometimes brings when you don’t know whats behind the portal at the end. However there is always hope and security in God. (at least that is the purpose of the image)
Btw we should be done writing trajectory before the end of 2010 and will be needing storyboard artist. So if anyone would like to fill that position show us some of your drawing! :wink:


The God part of the explanation is why it does not look incredibly dark like the stars and such! (Not imposing beliefs just explaining the meaning :slight_smile: )

Personally, I think Andy Rooney has it nailed . To earn buy-in to your abstraction, you have to pay your dues in realism. Personally to me, while some of the patterns are pleasant to look at, none of them seem to communicate a meaning. If you enjoy it, keep at it, but you may want to push yourself in considering how you are connecting with your audience.

Think you Quandtum for your advice. To be honest I am much better communicating in story. I am just trying my hand at visual art.Figured I could try and expand since this might help get me more support from people willing to help with the movie I am writing. I would say about half these were suppose to do nothing more than look cools. I will watch that video and give it a try. Btw I am in college for business and am a very creative writer. :slight_smile: