Graphic Art

I found this image on surfing through the Blender Conference 2007 proceedings. It really got me curious about the ways to employ Blender for Graphic Art.

I was trying to replicate this just to know how it’s done, but have no clue. Can anyone get me started on this?


Probably the easiest way is to apply a Curve Modifier to a subdivided cube, them add a UV Mapped texture image with a transparent background to the unwrapped cube.

It is much simpler than it may sound. Here is a quick example .blend:-
Example.blend (147 KB)

I probably subdivided more than is necessary, but you get the idea…

Hey thats neat! :wink: Err, but somehow when I add a cube, extrude it sideways and add the curve modifier, nothing happens…Uhm, never used the curve modifier before…Could you please elaborate a little…

Thanks for the answer though :slight_smile:

cs3 should be used

of course you need to add a curve. Insert its name to to modifier, then select the curve go to the right panel (guess f9) and activate curve stretch. Now i’d subdevide the cube a bit and play with all paramters and you are set. When doin graphic art like above with blender, try using the shadeless buttons for materials. :slight_smile:

though it may be possible to do in blender for a neater and more controlled environment I would do this in photoshop(Pen Tool, vector art), Gimp or Illustrator…

Nice example organic!

Yup got a hang of the Curve modifier…Thanks a lot for all the answers. The yellow background image would be a UV map on a plane right?

@Adobe Man: To implement the same in Photoshop, ‘paths’ would be the correct tool right?

Yes, or you could composite them together afterwards. Save the image as RGBA(on the render Format panel), and as a file format that supports transparency and you get the render with a transparent background.