graphic card?

went to to look up the advs/optimal graphic card for blender.
I don’t see a link but was under the impression there should be one?
Anyone knows the link or what the best graphics card would be?
Thank you

Both GTX580 & GTX770 are good choice.
GTX580 is very quick and very cheap.
One of the drawback of GTX580 is the memory on it only 1580MB.
If you want to create photorealistic scenes, I’ll recommand you buy a GTX770 4G version.

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I recently bought GTX660ti (tests say that it is better than 760 in blender use) and it has been working pretty nice, atleast if compared to my old rendering times with 2.5ghz quadcore.

Its not the only drawback, it also takes 3 slots instead of 2 and uses a lot more power than modern cards. Also runs hotter. I wouldnt advise anyone picking up 2 generations old hardware.

EDIT: A concrete budget is needed to know which card is the best for you. The most juice from consumer end you`ll get from Geforce Titan, it also has 6Gb of vRAM for big scene GPU rendering. If you wont be doing archviz and/or animation on GPU then a GTX 780 should be enough for all purposes, it should run close to a Titan.

You can wait a bit too. There`s a new GTX780 coming out soon - GTX 780 Ti. Should be faster for Cycles than a standard 780 but cheaper than a Titan.

thanks all. was also given this links. In case it helps anyone passing this along.
but a bit confused (and honestly have not had the time to search it yet)…what is cuda? I thought it was one of the graphic cards.

(As an aside. not gettting email notification of reply to post. wonder if anyone else has that prob?)

ok soo hoping to get somethign soon and wondering which of this three would be best for me.
4GB Nvidia GeForce GT640[DX11,DVI,DP,HDMI,VGA via adapter]
2GB Nvidia GeForce GTX 645[DX11,DVI,DP,HDMI,DVI to VGA Dongle]
1.5GB Nvidia GeForce GTX 760 [2x DVI, HDMI, DP, DVI to VGA adapter]
would the the gt640 with 4gb make it about the same as the gtx760 w/1.5gb?

The GT 640 has around 700 GFLOPS SP FMA.
The GTX 760 has around 1900 GFLOPS SP FMA.

That’s assuming the 760 has a GK104 GPU (deductive reasoning from the 1.5GB-> requires 192bit memory interface -> GK104) and the 640 has a GK107.

The different GPU in itself already makes them hard to compare, however it’s a good educated guess that the 760 is at least 2x faster.

The thing is the lack of VRAM.
There is the 2GB/4GB version of the GTX 760 with a GK104-225-A2 GPU, which is at ~2260 GFLOPS SP FMA and 3x+ faster than the 640 with a decent amount of memory.

Always pay attention to what GPU it actually uses, there are different GPUs for the same series!

Thank you Arexama. Didn’t know that, will look into it.


I’m also looking for a new GPU.
I’m waiting for cycles to run on AMD’s gpu’s for over a year now, but i can’t wait any longer.
At the moment i’m using my cpu (xeon 1245 v2) and intergrated graphics (intel HD P4000), but i’m realy pushing it’s limits.

So now i’m looking for a gtx770 4GB, 780, or if someone could tell me that amd cards works whitin a moth i’l take a look at de R9 280X or 290X :p.

I havent found any benchmarks for the 770 4gb version (€330,–) yet, so i’m leaning towards a msi gtx 780 (435,–)

Any advice would be welcome.

Sorry for my bad english, it’s not my native language (i’m from the Netherlands ;))