Graphic Card

Building my own Blender rig, and on a budget. Need to know what a fairly reasonable graphic card that would do great with Blender. Been looking all over, and Yes If I had $500 I would buy a Nvidia GTX 960 4GB PCIE 3.0 Monster card. Unfortunately I Don’t and will not come into this much money, and most of those people are just building for Gaming.

There’s thousands of Graphic cards. I know the best ones for Blender are the Nvidia because it takes advantage of the CUDA’s. I’m looking in the range of about any where from $75-$150. What do some of you guys use?

BTW: In case you want to know my specs. Just recently bought a new motherboard, PSU, and processor. I’m now running an Intel i5 4460, and a motherboard that supports PCIE 2.0 and 8gb of ram. The PSU I also bought does have a plug for powering a graphic card if that helps.

Thanks for the list, and the information. That was really what I needed. Thanks :slight_smile:

Not that it matters. I took the Bench Mark Test. No GPU rendering, just my intel core i5 4460 and got this.

Hi FIDreams, sorry but it seams I have changed the file since the thread is closed for testing.:o
I can render the file in 03:59.74 on my GTX 760 with Blender 2.74.
Iirc the original file was set to 2000 samples, now it is 500!
Take another view to the list and look for the GTX 760/750Ti results.
GTX 750Ti should be 3-4 times faster than your CPU

Sorry again and cheers, mib

Looks like I’d be saving up for the Geforce GTX 750 then. Thanks for the input :slight_smile:

Remember that must be " Ti " model: GTX 750 Ti.

Just out of curiosity, what’s the difference?

Let me add this also: There’s one that also says Ti FTW. Don’t even know what this means, just $10 more. For what I don’t know lol

These are the basic Spec:

750 Ti has 2GB memory vs 1GB in 750. And Ti has more CUDA cores.
The EVGA FTW model seems to be factory overclocked (you see that Base Clock and Bost Clock are higher), and better prepared for overclock with two fan and biggest cooler. So, I guess FTW is little faster. But just in case look for some reviews and comments on forums about it.
You read the specifications of the power supply requirements, Watts and connectors.
You say that your PSU has 6-pin PCI-E power connector, so I guess it’s okay.

Got a 500W PSU just to be safe. My last one was a lie, They told me it was 400 when in fact it was a 350 and ‘could’ goto 400 if need be :stuck_out_tongue: It blew out in about a year. I noticed that for the 750 Ti FTW they’re requiring a 400 or more watt PSU so I should be okay.

Got my GTX 750 TI FTW card just about 20 minutes ago. :slight_smile: Time to install it and see what this baby can do. Heard nothing but Good things about this card.

Okay, after playing with it for a little while Here’s what I got rendering a Pic I did

At first I was going to say WTF, I’d do better just rendering on my CPU, but I thought about increasing the tile render size. It’s apparent now that the GPU is a better choice to render.