graphic cards PCI-e

Okay, so I need a new graphics card for my new PC i’ve ordered. I personally do a lot of graphic work, Infact thats all I pretty much do on my pc now… Graphics /art, web programing /development and… MSN. I’ve had to abandom my AMD 2200+ computer (this one) because it cant cope with my graphic work (and the fact it’s compleatly screwed now) and so i’ve order a nice amd 64 4000+ Pc with 2GB RAM…

Must be Nvidia though, I have an SLI board so it would be best to + PCI-e.

the highest i’m possibly willing to go to is £400 ish… which is about the price of a Quadro FX 1300 but… i don’t know how good a Quadro (not to mention that Quadro) is in compairison to “gamer” cards at the same price and in blender terms.

…Great if the quadro is better then the other style cards from Nvidia at that price, but not if blender doesn’t support quadro features or something daft like that and is as good as a pancake.

Help /advice, graphic card suggestion and what not appresiated very much ! =)

i know that qudro is designed for Open GL interfaces like blender

Check wether the Quadro driver supports SLI. I’d go for the gamer cards anyway, the
difference is unimportant cause the performance will be" 'nuff" anyway. And you save
some money maybe for poststamps considering to send your old stuff to some poor Blenderfan from India, like this one:

Different problems people have.

Quadro does support SLI, I know that for sure but i’m only going to be buying 1 card at the mo so it wouldn’t actually matter as of yet. but it look like the top end gamer cards are pratically the same price… which one would actually be better cause nvidia only show data relavant to workstation for quadro and gaming data for gamer cards…

I was considering what i should do with my retired-Pc-to-be, because well… I would be killed if I had two pc’s running (plus it would be pointless). But the reason i’m getting a new pc is because the hardware has become unstable (took me about 20 restarts to get this going half-stable, in a couple of minutes the text will probabily screw up)<= what you get when playing with overclocking and a 80’C+ CPU… So im guessing the CPU and memory has been fried a bit, which leaves a Gforce Mx 440 AGP.

lukus, the only reason to go with a Quadro over a “gamer” card is if you need to use a high-end CAD or other graphics app that “requires” it. There is little actual difference between the high-end CAD card (like the Quadro series) and the high-end gamer cards, hardware-wise. However, the hi-$ software is “rigged” to only work with the hi-$ hardware, often… I’d save your bux if you don’t need the compatibility. You surely don’t with Blender! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

So gamer type cards it is? which one would you fellow blenders advise…

the geforce 6800 gt is probably the best bet, the only difference between it and the ultra is the clock speeds, so do what i did, buy a gt and overclock it, but the graphics card will never be a problem, in graphics work the cpu will bottleneck before the graphics card starts to suffer