Graphic design with Blender

Hello everybody,

can you use Blender for 2d logos and infographics 2d/3d? Or are there other (open source) software progams that can be used for this (mypaint, inkscape)? Only for windows or linux.

I would be glad with some help on this matter.

Inkscape is probably best for 2D Logos.

Blender can do it as well and you can make very cool animations that way. Only downside is Blender cant export curves into any vectorformat like .svg.

If you want to try in blender do this to get started:

1: create curve.
2: in curve panel choose 2D. (this will fill it)
3: choose new material with color and set it to shadeless (full color).
4: shape it into your logo and/or add more curves etc.
5: Render with orthogonal camera. (or perspective for 3D effect)

PS there are many curve options like taper,bevel and offset to play with.

A svg exporter would be great.

If you check into the FreeStyle Branch of Blender, available on, the author has written a SVG exporter module which works very well. The lines are uniform, but this can be addressed in Inkscape. The thread is a bit long, so some searching may be necessary. It is hoped to be included when the Branch goes to Trunk, currently targeted version 2.67. If you have any further questions, let me know.
I maintain the Windows32 builds at


I do it all the time. If you are doing normal graphics with a limited palette (i.e. with shadeless materials) then it’s quite easy to create an SVG, usually. Just render out at super-super-super high resolution and use the trace bitmap function in Inkscape. If you used enough pixels it will usually successfully translate all of the details into vectors. My advice is make sure your smallest detail is at least 5-6 pixels wide if you want it to be detected properly.

Both of these images are basically raw output from Blender.