Graphic Designer needs help

Hello all!

I am as new to blender as it gets! I just downloaded and installed the program. After going through some tutorials I figured I’d post on the board to get a more specific answer to my question.

I specifically design packages for a fairly large puzzle and game company. What I would love to do with blender seems fairly easy, but I have no idea on how to accomplish it. :confused:

I would love to be able to create boxes (simple enough) to the size that the design is set to. For example, I have a box which is 14"x10" and its 2" deep. Is there any way to manually input the size and produce an object of those dimensions?

When the object is ready, I’d like to use the .tiff files of the box placed over it’s respective face on the object.

Lastly, I’d love to be able to render it in a few different angles and have some control over the lighting to kind of simulate a product shoot. The reason this is important is it allows me to make some really good mock ups of a design while saving on making actual product for their approval.

Anyways, if someone could point me to a tutorial that could help me out with those steps it would be greatly appreciated!

As time permits I want to get really familiar with the program as I could see endless possiblities incorporating Blender with my design work!

Thanks all.

This might help you out - you could apply the whole thing to what you are talking about.
As for scale, you can assume the blender unit as one squre unit= one square inch, then build with that in mind. The scale is interchangeable, and when you get ready, there is also a caliper script you can put in your scripts folder and run that will allow you to use two objects as a ruler.

You can get that at

Congrats on the new stuff you’ll be able to do now!!
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I would like to add that you can enter exact dimensions by selecting the object (in object mode) and pressing N on the keyboard. DimX, DimY, and DimZ

But note that you cannot enter specific types of measurements like inches, miles or centimetres. All dimensions are in “Blender Units” - and a Blender Unit is any size/type you want it to be. What’s important is proportion.