graphic errors all over interface o.o

well i had an old ass windows 2000 computer and the newest blender out now worked fine on it (game engine was a little slow but so what XD) anyway… i sold it and got a newer computer with windows XP (still old, its from 2003) and now the interface is all freaked out and i cant even open files :o
im buying a new graphics card so i can play newer games on it like wow but not sure if that will fix the problem… any help?

heres a video
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link if it wont embed XD

Probably it is the graphics drivers. If updating them doesn’t help, replacing the card might(because it would be running newer drivers).

What graphics card are you using? I have had a few problems with mine in the past. I have had to use more generic drivers until the fixes for the OEM drivers came out. You may want to try:

My intel iMac does that too.
I’ve submitted a bug report, but it probably won’t
be worked on since 2.5 is almost out.

whoa its working now XD i got a new card with 128mb and now the game engine is running at 60fps even with 100+ objects on screen :stuck_out_tongue: now im a happy camper XD hahah

its a nvidia card btw XD