Graphic novel?! Again?!

sorry to bother you again!
As my previous post was a success ( ), and by popular demand I post another version of the same story…
but, now, in black and white and Italian language…much more romantic! :slight_smile:
Here, be my guests:

I much prefer the black and white version, not only for the lack of color, but also the horizontal layout and the varied size and shape of the panels. Just looks a lot better, tho the left-right scrolling makes it a bit more difficult to read on the net. (and i can’t read italian, so i can’t read the text with this version :P)

You should post this on the Flight forums. I bet they’d dig it.

thank you for the comments!
What’s the Flight forums?

You mean there are people who don’t know Flight!? OMG!!!

yeah, sorry, i should have put a link in there to it :stuck_out_tongue: My bad.

I’ll also add that on the main Flight Page ( you’ll find info on lots of web comics and you can buy the anthologies they put out. I have all of them. Some of the best short comics on the planet right now, in my opinion. Good stuff and nice folks. I don’t post there, but I visit a couple times a day. :smiley: