Graphic style in BI+compositor

Hi, I had some fun experimenting outside the photorealistic. Blender can be used in many ways! The compositor noodles are posted on my blog.

Awesome style! We need more work like this on the forums.

Thanks! I notice you are an illustrator, you are the only one who commented on this :slight_smile:

I’ve noticed that a lot of comments/critiques tend to focus on more technical topics and assume the image is going for a photo-realistic or at least ‘clean’ rendering. I don’t think that applies here.

I think it looks cool and it is interesting to see a different style pulled out of BI than the usual. I know I’m putting a bookmark on your blog to cycle back around once I start trying to produce a real image in Blender.

Great stylization, since I’m a crummy texturer, I try and do most of my work in a stylized way. Freestyle has saved me so many times. This is a really great look. Would love some explanation to how it was created. Again great job.

Thanks, I’ve posted some details on my blog (see signature). I will give freestyle a try too, I hope it will be added to the official Blender in a near future (do you happen to know when?) and that would offer some great options for stylized images.

Love this. It has a feel of dirty but clean at the same time. Great blog post, too.