Graphic tablet for 3D modeling

Hey, guys!
I have some kind of a problem and I really need Your help.
I am writing a paper whose main goal is to justify why a “Wacom cintiq pro” graphics tablet is a good choice for teaching purposes. The main focus is on the technical requirements of the tablet itself. The question is: Why are such requirements, namely these tablets are necessary to teach children to use graphics tablets properly and professionally when creating 3D models and animation?

Ressolution: Not worse than 4K UHD, 5080 lpi;
IPS UHD high brightness panel or equivalent;
Not less than 1.07 billion colors (10 bits color);
Adobe RGB at CIE1931, 99% coverage ratio;
USB type C port (supporting DisplayPort Alternate Mode) or DisplayPort or HDMI, at least 2.0 (requires 3840x2160 resolution);
At least 1 x DP.
Not less than 235 cd / m2 (min, duty 100%);
At least 1 x USB C; At least 2 USB-A.

Could you help? Each of the criteria needs to be justified. Thanks for the help.