Graphic Tablet Pressure Sensitivity

Just how important is this? I’d like to get back into drawing. About 10 years ago I bought a Wacom Bamboo Fun tablet with 512 levels of pressure sensitivity. These days I’m seeing products that boast of having over 8000 levels but I’ve seen comments that this is serious overkill. I know that to become a good artist, it isn’t the tools you use, it’s how much effort you put into it. But with that being said, is it worth it to buy a newer tablet for the greater sensitivity that it offers?

2048 levels versus 8192 levels! This was done using the huion h610pro tablets. The first tablet was the 2048levels. It was my first good tablet. Using that tablet I did much drawing. I was able to get 4 different levels of pressure out of my motor skills. Using the newer huion h610pro that has 8192, I was able to get 5 levels of pressure out of my motor skills.

Most people only have about 3 levels of pressure in their motor skills. 512 level is enough for one to utilize all their levels of motor skills.

Besides the 512 levels of pressure, your tablet also has resolution. The higher resolution of the newer tablet might be desirable. The newer tablet also has higher report rate. The 512 wacom itself has been used by you for years, this means it’s probably worn.

I recommend upgrading. Having said this, for pressure only, you should be just fine. But the newer tablet’s have much more to offer than pressure.

edit: I also want to say, that with the 8192, it was little bit more easy to get those levels of pressure into the canvas.

More can be good. But in the end it depends on how well the driver for the thing works and whether or not your software can handle the input well. I find with digital painting/inking that the ability of the software to smooth input and adjust pressure curves makes more of a difference than the device itself.