Graphic tablets

I’m considering getting a graphics tablet, however i’m not sure what to get. Im pretty much considering the following:

Aiptek Media Tablet 14000U (~A4) ~100€
Wacom Bamboo Fun A5 ~190€
Wacom Intuos3 A5 ~380€

I know that a lot of people say that only wacom are worth buying, but this aiptek got quite good reviews on amazon i think. Has anyone tried it?

What is people’s experience of graphics tablets in general? Is A4 size even needed, or just a waste of space? Etc.

for a starting/intro weapon, the Aiptek will probably do, but once you have more cash to spare,
and/or are doing ALOT more serious work in graphics, definitely get a wacom(one of the bit more pricey ones at that).

Definitely purchase the higher end WACOM product. In my work I’ve used other tablets, wired and wireless, and nothing has compared to the WACOM I have at home.

I’ve used an Intuos 3 through almost 5 years of heavy use now and the only thing I’ve had to do was replace pen tips and the tablet surface in that time, both of which are simple operations. My Intuos 3 has outlasted two home computers with just driver upgrades, currently on a Vista 64Bit workstation and working great.:yes:

Wacoms are known to work very well with Blender, however in Windows at least, there are some tablets that don’t. Some tablets like ‘Genius’ ones I’ve heard, don’t conform to the ‘WinTab’ standard driver and use their own system that doesn’t work with Blender. If you want to be sure, get a Wacom (i love mine). Oh, and I much prefer the A5 size. Any bigger than that and it starts to get tiring swishing your arm around all day.

it’s a waccom or nothing… other tablets are just garbage in comparison

Thanks for your input. I am not working, so i think the intuos will have to wait, but i will probably go for the bamboo

Unless you have a Cintiq, which really are a paradigm shift over even a standard tablet.

Aren’t there those $50 good review ones from Wacom? Don’t forget, but A Graphics tablet is as good as long as the user has a GIMP.

well I had aiptek and wacom too. Aiptek is nice, although I don’t like using a4 tablet really, too big for me. Now I use wacom. Aiptek wasn’t always so perfectly working, but that might be a driver issue. Also aiptek doesn’t have tilt, but I never actually used tilt with wacom too.

Consider a factory refurbished Intuos 3 from a reputable reseller as an alternative. You can often find them in the A5 size for the price of a new Bamboo tablet.

In asia we get this one
named differently tho…
it is super cheap but deadly efficient…might want to consider…
its got 1024 levels of pressure too…
only thing is the pen requires a battery unlike the wacom technology and the pen is of a slightly flimsy build.
but its definitely worth the money…
here is a friends blog…
she works with the tablet in question…proof enough???:slight_smile:

I had a
Aiptek -> crap
acecad -> crap^2
Trust -> crap^3

now a wacom intuos and i would trade it for no other.

More info:
(BA got dozends of threads on Wacom and Tablets in general)

Anyone have experience with boards on 64-bit Linux?

i have small bamboo, i dont use it much only good for drawing in my opinion.
so i think if you plan on painting and drawing go for one but otherwise it maybe
just sits on a shelf
hey the price on it is maybe too high, ill check later

oh price seems about right


Aiptek,Trust,and other shit…are shit.

Or better buy a tablet PC with Wacom Penable Tehnology is cheaper than Cintiq and is same thing.

Lenovo X61 is Penable.

But until then …go for Wacom bamboo or Graphire

When you say painting and drawing, includes sculpting?


All I really know is that A6 is too tiny :frowning: Other than that I can’t complain about my graphire2 :slight_smile:

I use a A4 Intuos with 4d mouse in Debian64 (lenny) under KDE and it works like a charm with 2.6.24+
Below 2.6.24 i had problems, even when compiling the wacom module. But my problems where mostly because i (still) use xinerama.

my graphire 4 worked flawlessly under ubuntu, that’s all I can say,
but 64 bits, don’t know, sorry. :confused:


Oh yes sculpting also, i forgot it. Must be because i am
horrid at sculpting so i havent done it allmost at all.