Graphical glitch in cycles baking?

Hi guys,

so i just baked a normalmap in Cycles from a high - res dyntopo Sculpt onto a retopologized version.
But it gave me some graphical issues on a certain part of the mesh. Here is how it looks:

The marked regions are properly seamed. I got no additional seams, but somehow it looks like there is another seam that split the Normalmap right in this region.

Go and physically look at the mesh. From the image it looks like you have some disconnected vertices (where you have highlighted)
Check for holes in the mesh, duplicate verticies, internal faces, basically any poor modelling


First, thank you very much for your tips :wink:

Yeah, i first thought it could have been exactly that, but there are no vertices doubled or faces disconnected / internal :confused: I´m really confused why this is glitching.
I thought on something: In Cycles, the mesh you´re baking to is - i call it - “Raycasting” onto the high poly mesh to get the height information, right? So could it eventually be, that the faces at this place are just too far away, or bound to tight to the high poly mesh?

Just tried it. It was indeed a problem with the Raycasting! I lowered the Ray Distance to a value below 1 - and the glitch is gone! :smiley: Seems like the distance between the bodyparts were too close to each other :slight_smile: