GraphicAll 64-bit builds crash BGE and Delete Faces

Hey. So I’m using one of the latest GraphicAll’s Windows 64-bit builds, (the 2.62 version of Blender has the audio issue) and it seems to crash the BGE either whenever I start it, or every 4 or 5 starts. It seems really unstable. Is it just me, or is this a more known issue?

EDIT: Saving in one of these builds deleted all of the faces of all of my objects! Fortunately, the file I saved was really sparse. Maybe it’s something they did for BMesh…? Hope they fix it soon.

The BGE hasn’t really been fixed after the Bmesh merge (I haven’t had the time because of school). If you find problems, please report them to the main Blender tracker, and NOT the BGE tracker. Hopefully the bmesh issues will be seen by someone like ideasman, and the non-bmesh issues will just get moved into the BGE tracker.

Unfortunately, it looks a bit difficult to pin down. The ‘face turning into just vertex’ issue’s probably just because of BMesh, and it wasn’t really meant to be backwards-compatible (probably), so that’s not really a bug. Also, I can’t exactly get what makes the BGE crash - it crashes on pretty much any project of mine, but not under the default scene (at least, not playing the default scene repeatedly), so I’m not sure what the issue is. If I find the bug, I’ll report it, though.