graphicall and blender, which blender do I grab?

From what I understand I shouldn’t use Blender 2.5 from the site.
I am supposed to use one from
I was looking for an wiki on graphicall but there isn’t one.
do I just grab the latest compile version for my OS type?
is there a particular preference as to which one I get?

look on the left and find the most recent one with the word “trunk” in the name (for your OS)
this will be built from the most recent “official” code
only use the others if you have some idea what they are, they’re various experimental builds

ok, thanks.

or those just named “blender” with a revision number.

If you grab builds frequently enough, you can eventually get comfortable with builds from a certain user. I generally go with filiciss, unless I’m hunting down something specific in the experimental builds (such as Freestyle)

If your on Windows I recommend any of the builds by Filiciss they contain a much larger toolset than Blender Trunk versions.
Also there’s the Yafaray intergrated build, the Lux intergrated Build & lots of other goodies.

If you’re on OS X, tkroo provides most of the builds on graphicall. Always a reliable source.

You gotta catch em all

+1 xD

I agree.

I dont whether its just me, but i cant seem to be able to search graphicall? i can never find a search box, i can only download the latest 5 builds. :stuck_out_tongue:

When clicking on your Os’s choosing button, there should be a rather long list to appear there under… :stuck_out_tongue:

If you take a little time, you can make a script that will download and build Blender from source. I just run a script, go grab some coffee, and when I come back, I have the newest Blender installed. It’s fun to learn how to build it yourself and it’s not really that hard. You’ll learn a lot about your computer along the way. There are instructions for Linux, Mac, and PC on here:

Happy holidays !

Try a different internet browser. You should be able to at least scroll up and down the columns.

i want to do graphic course and expert in it,
guys suggest me which one is best for my future and i can earn fastly.
thanks, have a nice day you all.

EDIT: I must qualify my endorsement of filiciss (and possibly all Blender 2.55 64 bit Windows builds, arguably due to OpenCL compositing), based on whether you use compositing node groups. They consistently break all node groups, often when I’m not doing compositing work but using new builds, aka after 1 hour of modeling and I saved. Repro’d more than once with Luceri’s awesome brainstorming compositor files ( as well as mine own compositor groups. But if you’re not using groups in the compositor, you’re fine :yes:

Is there something like this for linux 64? I can not find.

I used it and it was a dream. Like blender is a whole new application. I am specially in love with the opencl implementation of the node editor. With this I can now do in blender things that are harder in after effects.

Does anyone know of a build as rich or, at least, with opencl compositing for linux64? Or a tutorial to implement it, and if possible the rest of this amazing list of filicis, and build it myself? Though I would really like to not redo work. If someone built it, I would much rather use it.

I found one in the developers page

I would still like to find something as complete as filicis build, but I guess this is good enough.

I can never get Filiciss’s builds to work (Win32) - this for instance. When I unzip I get all these diagnostic messages “unsupported compression method” etc. If I ignore, and go click on Blender.exe, I get “not a valid Win32 application”!? Any ideas?

I usually use Cog’s vanilla trunk builds.

if you read the later comments in the build comments, you will see that you need opencl drivers for this to work

I also enjoy all the addon/patch work that filiciss does, but I have noticed you often encounter some nasty bugs in his builds that don’t exist the straight trunk builds - I had ran into a nasty texture bug in a filiciss build that stole a good couple of hours from my life. I would say use filiciss builds but if you run into something acting wonky, go try a trunk build first thing instead of mucking with it in your current build.