Graphicall automated builds, where are they?

For some time graphicall is supposed to provide automated builds of blender trunk, but I haven’t found where I can download them :confused:

What I do is selecting a build in the dropdownbox besides where it says: “Download a xx minutes old Instant Build of Blender Trunk [xxxxx]”, but after I do, there is no exe file in it :spin:
Am I looking in the wrong direction or is it something wrong with the automated builds?
I know this isn’t a big deal, I can just choose one from another builder, but it would be nice be able to download a fairly fresh build without having to wait.

I had this issue yesterday I guess there is something wrong with the build process, no doubt it’ll be sorted soon though.

Last I heard cross-compile was broken so there are no winders auto-builds.

Ok, no biggie. Hope it gets fixed soon :slight_smile:

yeah, automated builds are broken
I upload builds for Windows once a day at least though