Graphicall B-mesh, can not open old files after downloading new builds


I have a number of files created in a B-mesh build from late 2011 that I can’t open again after installing new Blender version. I have put alot of time in to the project and hope that someone can help me salvage my work.

Problem: I try to open files in Blender and the program crashes. I get a message from
Windows saying ‘Blender has stopped working’.

Details: The earliest created file of the model was saved 2011 dec 4.

        A few of the earliest saves contain no 3 sided faces. They can be opened
        without problems.

I will include one of the problematic files to examine. Feel free to examine the model but please don’t use it for your own projects.


Oh, sorry…forgot to attach the file

here is a link

Sorry…forgot to attach the file

Campbell had to make a change to the BMesh builds that caused this to happen. It was unavoidable.

IIRC the only workaround is to open the old file in an older version of BMesh and do an obj export. Then import this obj into a new version of BMesh.

Why would you do important work in alpha software? That’s just playing with fire…