Graphicall closed or what?!??

Hi, all …
why can not I access the site graphicall?? every time I get access to the site as below

if any of you are still able to access graphicall?

did you hear something about the “SOPA blackout”?
Read that and you’ll find the answer.

Seems to me that you could just have read.

Now here is Ton Roosendaal opinion.

Fantastic! We need a lot more protest.

I aim to get my posts to a total of 1.0 per day (from 0.19) on this day.

Are you talking to my pokemanz? You must be talking to my pokemanz. My pokemanz are the only ones here.

Considering when it went down in my timezone, it should be up in time to check any new builds this evening. (at least it meant that I spent nearly half the time sleeping :))

Hmm. Still down…

They’re back up now, now to wait for a new win32 build with Farny’s env importance sampling patch. :slight_smile: